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Herkimer County Risk Assessment Profile Presented to Local Officials


Caption: Darlene Haman, Herkimer County Strategic Planning Coordinator, explains information from the 2006 Herkimer County Risk Assessment Profile to a group of local officials.


Herkimer, NY - On June 11th, Phyllis Spinner, Executive Director of Herkimer County HealthNet and Darlene Haman, Herkimer County Strategic Planning Coordinator, presented the 2006 Herkimer County Risk Assessment Profile to a group of local officials including; Town Supervisors, Village Mayors and County Legislators. 


The Profile is an assessment of social conditions and needs of all Herkimer County residents that examines Herkimer County in relation to six life areas: Community, Citizenship, Physical and Emotional Health, Family, Economic Security and Education. Produced by Herkimer County HealthNet, Inc and Herkimer County Integrated County Planning in collaboration with the Comprehensive Assessment Task Force, the Profile will be used by government and non-profit agencies and the community to identify needs, address gaps in services and establish priorities.


The Presentation highlighted population trends, employment and wages, and quality of life data:

The number of Herkimer County residents aged 65 and older, has increased by 60% since 1950

28% of those aged 15-19 in 1980 and 26% of those aged 10-14 in 1990 have left the area

Manufacturing job losses from 2004-2005 were less than 100, or 2.9% with wages increasing during that period

One in five County residents reported that the change of seasons and the friendly community were the best things about this area.


The Risk Assessment Profile can be viewed on Herkimer County HealthNet’s website: Interested parties can visit HealthNet’s website or call 315-867-1552 for information on its Speakers Bureau.


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