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Herkimer County HealthNet Delivers Fruit & Vegetable Sectionizers to Herkimer County School Districts


June 13, 2011


Herkimer Cafeteria


HERKIMER – Last week, Herkimer County HealthNet delivered commercial grade, fruit and vegetable sectionizers to Herkimer County School District Cafeterias as part of a rural health development grant from the New York State Department of Health. 


Thomas Curnow, Executive Director of Herkimer County HealthNet said, “The fruit and vegetable sectionizers work well in high-volume food service atmospheres like school district cafeterias.” Hutchinson also said that they are safer to use than utility knives for cutting fruits and vegetables and saves time for cafeteria staff while preparing healthy food alternatives to students.


Cafeteria managers stated that sectioned (as opposed to whole) fruits and vegetables are more attractive to students. 
Herkimer County HealthNet’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of individuals who live, work, play, and learn in Herkimer County.
For more information about Herkimer County HealthNet, please call (315) 867-1552 or e-mail


Town of Webb Cafeteria



Mount Markham Cafeteria



Thomas Curnow, Executive Director, Herkimer County HealthNet, (315) 867-1552 or
Alison J. Swartz, Coordinator of Creating Healthy Places grant initiative, (315) 867-1499

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The HCHN has been in existence since 1990. Its membership has continuously expanded and has served as an effective forum for Herkimer County providers to identify, discuss, and resolve health and social service issues and concerns. As a direct result of grants by the New York State Department of Health: Office of Rural Health, the Network significantly increased levels of coordination and collaboration among health and social service providers.

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