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Herkimer HealthNet is reaching out to communities to assist with community improvements that will lead to decreased rates of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes by increasing opportunities for physical activities for local families.


The medical cost of obesity in the United States may be as high as $147 billion annually, based on a recent study from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and the Research Triangle Institute. The proportion of all annual medical costs that are due to obesity increased from 6.5 percent in 1998 to 9.1 percent in 2006. To address this problem of obesity, CDC has recommended 24 community policy and environmental strategies to prevent obesity.

The CDC's announced a comprehensive set of recommended strategies and measures to help communities tackle the problem of obesity through environmental change and policies that promote healthy eating and physical activity.


These recommendations include:
• Increased areas for extracurricular physical activity.
• Improved access to outdoor recreational facilities.
• Enhancing areas that support bicycling.
• Enhancing areas that support walking.
• Enhancing personal safety in areas where persons are or could be physically active.
• Enhancing traffic safety in areas where persons are or could be physically active.
(Parks, trails, and playgrounds and the maintenance of them are examples of these recommendations.)

Funded by the NYState Department of Health

Herkimer County HealthNet will provide technical assistance during the application process, will be available to answer questions and assist municipalities and 501“c”3 organizations.



Herkimer HealthNet is offering municipalities and 501c3 organizations grants up to $10,000 to be used for trails and trail improvements and up to $6,500 for playgrounds and playground improvements. The municipality or 501c3 organization is expected to demonstrate MATCHING and/or IN-KIND contributions on their part through collaboration with community organizations, donated materials and volunteer time. The ultimate goal of the proposed project should be improving local parks, playgrounds and trails, making our communities places where families and children can get exercise in a safe environment.


Opportunities for future grants for municipalities and 501c3 organizations under the Creating Healthy Places grant will become available annually over the course of the next four years. If your project is large, you may decide to divide it into various phases.


HCHN will provide technical assistance to municipalities and 501c3 organizations.



Applications should include the following information:

1. A completed Application Cover Sheet.

2. A Project Description that includes the project purpose and the need for the project. Include supporting documentation such as;

3. A completed Budget Sheet showing; the amount requested from Herkimer County HealthNet, Inc. (HCHN), the amount provided by the municipality, amount of in-kind donations or services, and the total project cost.

4. A Project Evaluation describing how the municipality will review the project to show how this program helped, what results occurred, A future maintenance and safety plan should also be in place.


When all application information is received, the proposal is reviewed by the HCHN Wellness Committee to determine whether more information is required or if the proposal is accepted as it stands. Applicants will receive timely notification of the acceptance or rejection of the proposal.

The application deadline is Friday, May 13, 2011. Awards will be made shortly thereafter. Upon execution of the AGREEMENT between the municipality and HCHN funds will be awarded to the municipality. The final report date, by which funds need to spent, is Friday, November 11, 2011. A copy of the AGREEMENT is included in this packet. Please review carefully.


HCHN will arrange for publicity announcing receipt of the monies for the project and then again at completion of the final project. However, in the event of receiving public recognition, the municipality or 501c3 organization receiving the grant must report or state that the project is “Funded by the NY State Department of Health, Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work, and Play grant administered by Herkimer County HealthNet.”



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The HCHN has been in existence since 1990. Its membership has continuously expanded and has served as an effective forum for Herkimer County providers to identify, discuss, and resolve health and social service issues and concerns. As a direct result of grants by the New York State Department of Health: Office of Rural Health, the Network significantly increased levels of coordination and collaboration among health and social service providers.

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